Professional translations and sworn translations
Balance focuses on legal/commercial and general/technical translations.

Balance supplies sworn translations in almost all languages:

• agreements
• general conditions
• case documents
• notarial deeds, articles of association
• tax-related texts
• annual reports
• prospectuses
• due diligence investigations
• dataroom translations
• legal correspondence
• policy documents
• EU programmes (INTERREG)
• technical manuals
• environmental impact assessments
• tenders, quotations
• brochures, press releases
• academic publications
• websites
• presentations, speeches
• minutes

Strict deadlines
When we make a promise, we keep it. We can work under pressure and we do everything possible to meet even the tightest deadlines.

Native speaker principle
Balance is one of the few translation agencies with in-house native speakers for German, English, French, etc.

Second signature
Like your accountant, Balance has a second signature requirement. Every translation must be approved by both the translator and the editor before delivery.

Personal service
We offer our clients direct, personal service. Most of the work is carried out by our in-house team of translators, so that clients never have to deal with a go-between: they talk straight to the source.

Single contact person
Every translation job is coordinated by a single, designated project manager. He or she heads team discussions for translations into multiple languages and handles communication with the client.

Digital translation resources
We keep all translations and source texts on file for a minimum of ten years. Thanks to our state-of-the-art translation tools, we can access any terminology we have ever used, including client-specific technology. For instance, if a client submits a text thirty percent of which is identical to one of our previous translations, this is indicated by the translation tool, which results in considerable savings for the client.

Experienced staff
Good translators are not only language specialists. They are also well acquainted with the relevant discipline and know the jargon and the linguistic conventions of the target language. Our translators have studied language or translation at university level and have a proven affinity with the subject concerned. Balance plays an active role in translators’ organisations and keeps in close touch with translation training institutes so that we can recruit up-and-coming translators who live up to our standards.

ATA (Association of Translation Agencies) membership
Balance is a member of the ATA sector organisation. The ATA has uniform general conditions and joint dispute regulations.